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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a licensed and bonded professional that is hired by you, the policyholder, and will negotiate a settlement with your insurance company on your behalf. A Public Adjuster is an expert in: Reading insurance policies, the insurance claim process, managing claims and files, and estimating the damage to your property.

Is that the same as an Insurance Adjuster from the Insurance Company?

NO, Insurance adjusters that are sent out by the insurance company are also hired and paid by the insurance company. Their job is to represent the Insurance Company's best interests, not you, the property owner.

When should I hire a Public Adjuster?

ASAP! Although we can be brought in at any point in the process it is best if you find a qualified Public Adjuster right away so they can help you from the beginning.

If I hire a Public Adjuster will my Insurance Company cancel my policy?

No, this is a common myth. An Insurance company CAN NOT cancel you simply for hiring a Public Adjuster. It is against the law!

How much will a Public Adjuster cost me?

Our firm works strictly on a contingency basis of 10-15% depending on the complexity of the claim and where you are at in the process. This is fairly standard for the industry.

What if the Public Adjuster doesn't increase my claim?

Here at The Adjustment Firm, if we don't increase your claim we will not charge you a dime! If you don't get paid, we don't get paid!

How much will my claim increase?

In a study done by The Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability, an office of the Florida Legislature, they found that claims where the homeowner worked directly with there insurance company were settled for $ 2029. When the homeowner hired a Public Adjuster the average settlement increased to $ 17,187. That is an ASTOUNDING 747% increase when a homeowner hires a Public Adjuster!

How long will it take?

Generally claims handled by a Public Adjuster do take a little longer than when a property owner is dealing directly with the insurance company. Because property owners often lack the information and time necessary to deal with an insurance claim, property owners often accept the payment received by the insurance company the first time they meet with the adjuster, thus shortening the length of the claim process.

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