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Why July 19, 2020 is an important date for Wisconsin Policyholders

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

If you’re a Wisconsin homeowner located in the area that was hit with the 2019 wind storm that started in Grantsburg, Wisconsin and then ravaged Luck, Balsam Lake, Turtle Lake, Cumberland, Milltown, Horseshoe Lake, Almena, Barron and many other towns across the great state of Wisconsin. Pay attention!

Many homeowners don’t realize that most homeowners Insurance policies in the state of Wisconsin only give an Insured one year to complete the work on their home. That is one year from the date of loss! Is this a terribly short time? Yes! Does this need to be changed? YES! However, for the time being, you must play the hand your dealt.

There are a few things that can be done to alleviate a little bit of pressure with regards to the one-year timeline.

  • You could ask your Insurance company to grant an extension. This should always be done in writing and a copy kept for your records. Keep in mind, your Insurance company DOES NOT have to grant you the extension.

  • Demand appraisal. NO, this is NOT like a property appraiser. Appraisal is similar to arbitration in that it is a binding dispute resolution process that is spelled out in all Wisconsin Insurance policies. Demanding this process will automatically toll the one-year deadline until the appraisal is completed. If you choose this option, please make sure to do your research and hire a qualified appraiser for your claim.

In closing, Please make sure if you are dealing with an Insurance claim resulting from the July 19, 2019 storm or any Insurance claim that does damage to your home, make sure you keep track of when the date of loss is and when your one year deadline will be. If not, you could be left out in the cold without any leverage to resolve your claim properly.

If you’re a homeowner or a contractor that needs help with a Wisconsin Homeowners Insurance Claim, The Adjustment Firm is happy to help. We handle Fire, wind, hail, water and just about any type of property claim that can occur. Josh Hansen is a partner with The Adjustment Firm and has been a licensed Public Adjuster since 2013. He is licensed in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Kansas.

This is important information for #Wisconsin home owners with #insurance #claims from the 2019 wind damage.

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