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Let Us Help You Get The Most For Your Business Insurance Claim

Avoid Insurance Hassles And Get Paid Faster

As a business owner, you are focused on your business. You don’t have time to deal with the stress and WORK of an insurance claim. The Adjustment Firm has been trained to inspect commercial flat roofs and understand how storms can affect their ability to shed water. Unseen or un-noticed damage is a huge issue for building owners that don’t have the time or energy to inspect their roofs after every storm. The Adjustment Firm uses software to monitor the buildings of our commercial clients and inspects their roofs anytime we are alerted to a major event. Call us to find out how you get entered into our alert system.

Many times, insurance companies will put their most experienced adjusters on commercial claims because they are so complex. The Adjustment Firm will assist you with examining your policy and ensuring you receive the maximum compensation allowed, based on the damage your property received. We'll control the investigation, deal with coverage issues, settle your business interruption claim, deal with disputes related to Actual Cash Value (ACV) and of course, negotiate the best settlement for your commercial claim.

We have worked very large claims from major agricultural facilities in Iowa to paper mills in Northern Wisconsin. The insurance companies put their experts on commercial claims. You need an expert in your corner to represent your best interests.

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