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Fire Loss Is Devastating. Make Sure You Have An Expert On Your Side

Handling A Fire Loss Claim

Fire loss is devastating for a property owner. Flames, heat, soot, fire extinguishers and water all contribute to loss for you. Personally, you may feel the loss of possessions and memories that you can't replace.

25% of us will have a fire loss to our home at some point in our lifetime. Fire happens to be one of the major reasons Mr. Hansen is in the Public Adjusting business. He had the unfortunate loss of a home when he was 16 years old. There is nothing more emotional than a family losing all of their belongings. Having someone on your side that can put together a list of all your contents that understands the insurance process is imperative for an insured to be put back to their pre-loss condition. Often times, property owners also don’t realize that water can cause a large portion of the damage in a fire situation as well. Even a small fire can be extremely damaging if their was a lot of smoke.​

A public adjuster works independently as your representative, dealing with the insurance company. An expert public adjuster will help you create a plan for complete restoration of your property, secure your property from future damage, help you calculate losses and most importantly, help you get life back to normal as soon as possible.

The insurance companies have seasoned experts on their side looking out for their best interests. A public adjuster will represent you, making sure you maximize your claim, ensuring your property is returned to it's proper condition.

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