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Cosmetic Damage Exclusion in Minnesota or Wisconsin?

Do you have a metal roof that was damaged by hail? Did your insurance company tell you that it was just "cosmetic" and not "functional" damage? These words are extremely important to make sure that you are able to properly recover after a hailstorm does damage to your home or business!

Make sure that you dig a little deeper! Find out what type of policy you have in place! Cosmetic damage may be covered! Your roof may be more than just cosmetically damaged. Have a professional inspect your roof. In Minnesota and Wisconsin, we see hail large enough all the time to do functional damage to metal roofs! We also see Insurance companies erroneously deny metal roofs that they deem just cosmetically damaged. Follow up, hire a professional, dig into your policy to see what is actually covered!

The Recent hailstorms to Rice Lake, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota contained large enough hail to not only functionally damage roofs but to actually tear right though many asphalt shingle roofs! Make sure to find someone that you can trust to give you a fair opinion as to the amount of damage sustained.

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